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Mu Chapter Scholarships

The David Harrop Memorial Scholarship

Provided by the Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi Educational Foundation

David John Harrop was born in Houston, Texas, on June 25, 1969, and passed away in Ft. Worth, Texas, on December 21, 2000. David was a swimmer, a runner, but most of all a musician and songwriter so the Harrop house was always filled with music. David attended Stephen F. Austin in Nagodoches, Texas, and then went to Ft. Worth where he became a partner in a home repair business. He was the owner of that business when he passed away. David was a generous spirit, a devoted son, brother, and friend who is missed by everyone who knew him.

A scholarship of $1,000 for educational purposes will be awarded by the Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi Educational Foundation annually to the brother who best demonstrates academic excellence and service to Sigma Pi and the greater Cornell and Ithaca communities.

To apply for the scholarship brothers must have lived in the fraternity house their junior year and are required to submit the following:

  1. A description of their extra-curricular activities including positions held in Sigma Pi
  2. An essay (500+ words) on how living in the house has complemented their academic performance.

Applicants must then submit a copy of their academic transcript that includes the fall and spring of their junior year to the Educational Foundation by May 31, 2019. The recipient of the scholarship will be determined by the Educational Foundation board, and the winner will be announced and receive the award by the start of the 2019 academic year.

To apply for the scholarship click here.

David Harrop Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2021 – Barron Brown
2020 – Chris Cavanaugh
2019 – Joseph Brogan
2018 – Sam Barnum
2017 – Jake Howell
2016 – Andrew Walsh
2015 – Nicholas Ornitz

The Class of 1980 Adolphus C. Hailstork Prize for Brother of the Year Award

Every pledge class includes a member whose selfless contributions to the fraternity demand exceptional recognition. The Class of 1980 Aldophus C. Hailstork Prize is designed to honor a brother who has demonstrated his unwavering commitment and unparalleled leadership throughout his time as an active member of the fraternity. The Prize is awarded at the end of each spring semester. Read more.

James H Keene, III Award

The James H. Keene III Sage Endowment Fund initiative was formally established at the January 2012 New York City dinner, held in Jim Keene’s honor. The purpose of the fund is to raise a permanent endowment to subsidize the living expenses for senior Sages while they reside in the chapter house. The award is meant to encourage senior chapter members to seek the office. To qualify, the recipient must be elected to serve as the Mu Chapter’s Sage and live in the chapter house during his senior year. Read more.